Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip 22: Couponing

Greetings all!  This week's Tuesday Tip is one that I started living by a few years ago... Couponing!

I am by far not the best coupon-er out there, but I get great deals and lots of freebies for my family!  I do this by checking the coupon inserts in Sundays paper and occasionally online.  Most grocery/home purchases I make I use coupons from the Sunday paper, and I never go shopping for clothes, shoes, etc without printing out coupons.  I love a discount!

Here's what works for me.  I forgot to take a picture of all my coupons before I filed them, so just picture a table covered with little stacks of coupons for different categories :)

Next, I open up Harris Teeter's website, that's my grocery store of choice, because they double up to $1 and it is literally a mile from my house!  I pull up the virtual circular and see what's on sale that week.  Let's say this week they have pork chops and stew beef on sale in the meat dept.  We will have that for dinner.  I plan my weekly meal plan around what is on sale at the grocery store.  Not a lot on sale that week in the meat dept?  Then I go to meat in the freezer that I got at a bargain another week.

Back to the coupons, while browsing the online circular, I make note of what items are on sale at the grocery store and that I also have coupons for.  I mark that on my list so I know to pull the coupon when I get the item.  Also, when I am at the grocery store, nothing goes in my cart without me jotting down the price on the right hand side.  I like to know how much I am spending.  I round up to the nearest half dollar to make it easy.
Here's an up close of my little organizer.  Got it at the dollar store for a buck then added some handy dandy labels with my label maker to help organize.  There is a slot in the front that I put all the coupons I am going to use that trip.  Example:  I walk by Ken's Dressing on sale and I have a coupon.  I put the 2 bottles in my cart, jot down the after coupon price and pull the coupon from the Sauces/Dressings slot and place it in the front of the organizer.  This way when I got to the register I have all my coupons that I will use on that trip in one place.
Now I told you that Harris Teeter was my grocery store of choice, in the same shopping center is a CVS, so that is my drugstore of choice.  I get most of my best personal item deals there or Walmart.  Razors, shampoo, make-up, etc.  From a friend I heard that this bodywash I had a $3 off coupon for was only $3 at Walmart.  So I saved that coupon until the next time I went to Walmart.  Bam!  Free!
I'm glad no one was around when I took this picture of my accomplishment!
Here's a list of a few couponing sites that you might find helpful.  They have sections for beginners if you are new to couponing.

Any of my readers have coupon tips or stories to share?  Please post a comment :)

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