Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pay it Forward

I was looking around the internet and stumbled across 1 Million Pillowcases

When I read the description, my eyes became watery.  These pillowcases are donated to cancer patients, foster children, victims of domestic violence, victims of fires and other worthwhile causes.  These handmade items show people that somewhere, someone, took the time to make this for them. 

This is something very doable.  Pillowcases do not take as long to make as quilts, they also do not take as much material.  I have plenty of materials already on hand, and All People Quilt offer tons of free patterns.  I am taking this project on.  I am going to make at least 1 pillowcase a week.  That is my personal challenge.  I hope to do more than that, but I want to set a goal that will not burn me out on it.  I would love to have company with this challenge.  Anyone out there wanna join in?  This would be a great project for beginning seamstresses and children!  The patterns provided in all different levels!
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 Moda and Kaye Wood have other charities listed on their sites if pillowcases are not up your alley.

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