Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Favorite 27

This week's Friday Favorite is a recipe that I have just recently found for cake fondant.  As you saw in Wordless Wednesday I had a cart full of cake supplies.  I am making a wedding cake... tomorrow!  Eeek!

Here is a picture of the test cake (Star Wars inspired for my Bro-in-Law Alex's graduation).  It has this marshmallow fondant on it.

Simple Marshmallow Fondant (compliments of

1 bag of mini marshmallow (16 ounces)
4 Tablespoons of water
1 Teaspoon clear vanilla (for white fondant)
2 pounds of powdered sugar, 1 cup reserved
Criso for coating hands and work surface

Place marshmallows in a microwave save container (use something big).  Microwave for 1 minute, check marshmallows to see if they are melted.  If they aren't, microwave at 30 second intervals until they are melted.  Stir in vanilla and water.  Now, slowly mix in powdered 1 cup at a time until it is all mixed it except for 1 cup that you will use for kneading.

Coat your hand with Crisco and start kneading the dough.  Keep working with fondant and incorporating the last cup of powdered sugar until it is all used and the dough is no longer sticky to the touch.  Roll out and cover cakes or cut out designs.  If you want to make this the day before you can, just coat the fondant ball with Crisco and wrap tightly with plastic wrap and leave on the counter.
What your fondant ball should look like...

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