Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fabric Bookmark Tutorial

My book loving husband asked me the other night to please make him some fabric bookmarks for the many, many books he is reading at the moment (not including the ones on his iPad).  So I got to crafting...

You will need:
Heat n Bond, either no sew or sewable, your choice
Sewing Machine (maybe)

Start by cutting your heat n bond to 2x8 or whatever size you would like your bookmarks to be.

Then cut your fabric 2.5 x 8.5 inches, or just slightly bigger than your heat n bond.  You will need 2 fabric pieces per bookmark.
Now peel one side of your heat n bond and place shiny side down on your fabric piece.  Iron for a few seconds until it bonds to the fabric.

Notice that the fabric is a little bigger than the white heat n bond?  That is what you want, so the heat n bond does not get on your ironing board.
Next, peel the other side of the heat n bond off and place another rectangle of fabric on top of the heat n bond.

If you used sewable heat n bond, you can go to the sewing machine and sew around the edge of your bookmark.

Then trim with a pair of pinking shears (this makes it so the fabric does not ravel).  Ta-Da!  Bookmark!

This is a version that I did with non-sewable heat n bond.  This picture was taken before I used the pinking shears to trim the edges.

Here's the whole lot of them!  I think they turned out great.  Lots of sports themed ones for my husband and one little penguin one for me :)

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