Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sew Sew Saturday

I have been "sew" busy lately!  I am preparing for a craft show on Sunday so I have been sewing like a crazy person!  Here is a little peek at what I've been up to :)
This is the Little League Quilt.  I gathered these shirts to make a sample to take with me to this craft fair and to have on hand for people to see and feel when they are trying to decide if they want a t-shirt quilt made (you do, you know you do) ;)  I have wanted to do one of these type of quilts for a long time.  I think it would be neat to have a quilt made up of your child's sports shirts.  What great memories!

Here is an up close with the corner turned up so you can get a little peek of the back... 
I also made some burp cloth and bib sets. I am in love with these little boy prints...

The dinosaur bib and burp cloth are backed in a soft red flannel.

The robot set is backed with soft royal blue flannel
Little girl sets.  I have 2 of the brown and pink strips.  Each burp cloth is striped on one side, soft chocolate brown on the other.  The bibs are striped on one side and brown and white dots on the opposite.  They are reversible.

In the middle we have a fun floral print.  The burp cloth is backed in a white t-shirt material and the bib is backed in hot pink.  
And I can't forget the capes!
How much fun would a kid have with these capes?  LOTS!  I have 2 or 3 of each design:  Robots backed in blue, black and green, Zebra Hearts backed in black and pink polka dot, and Space Capers backed in green and blue!

Each have colored Velcro closures at the neck and are the perfect weight for flying around the house!

Whew!  I still have onesies and dog bandanas to make... Back to the sewing machine!

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